Solvent Black (HP 45si)


DruckkopfHP 45si
Haltbarkeit6 months (at 21 °C)
SKU: XH 00852
Category: HP, Solvent, Thermal Inkjet

Solvent Black

High-Resolution Printing on Laminates, Varnishes, Coatings, Plastics, and Metals

It’s time to take inkjet printing to a new level! Solvent Black offers extremely long open time and fast drying time to meet your daily printing needs. In addition, the ink delivers extremely black and high-resolution prints on a variety of challenging substrates such as varnishes, plastics, and metals. It is excellent for commercial marking and coding applications. When combined with the improved HP 45si print cartridges by HP, printing with Solvent Black is faster than ever before. Further information about the product can be found in the manufacturer’s brochure.


Cartridge type HP 45A
Ink type Solvent
Target substrates Laminate, varnishes, coatings, plastics, metal
Operational voltage 8.6 V
Pulse width 1.8 μs
Pulse warming Off
Shelf life 6 months
Decap > 1 day
Resolution Up to 600 dpi
Storage Store cartridges tightly closed in a well ventilated area at 21 °C
(69.8 °F).
Maintenance Use a lint-free, non-tearable Texwipe® to clean cartridge. In case
of persistent clogging, carefully wipe the nozzle face with a
Solvent Black ink-soaked Texwipe®, wiping in a circular motion.


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